• Baby Name Necklace with Footprints - Gold Plated
  • Heart Infinity Name Necklace
Baby Name Necklace with Footprints - Gold Plated
$79.90 $35.96
You Save:  $43.94 (55%)
Thickness: 1.1mm / 0.4"
Measurements: 12 mm x 24mm / 0.470" x 0.945"
The combination of hearts and an infinity symbol, along with an engraving, makes thePersonalized Infinity Heart Necklace a must have piece of jewelry! The double heart infinity necklace is the perfect way to show off the concept of everlasting love. Get the name of the person you hold closest to your heart on the infinity heart pendant. 
Looking for the perfect gift to give your significant other? Nothing says eternal love and devotion more than this infinity heart necklace.
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